Church Committees

   If you feel lead to serve the Lord through any of our church's committees, below are the committees, their leaders and their responsibilities.

   In addition, if you see a need that needs to be addressed in our church, please contact the appropriate committee to have the need addressed.

Session Committees

Administration and Personnel
Chair-Kelly Courtney
   This committee is responsible for the following areas: the church office and office employees, all church personnel and job descriptions, use of church property, and church history and heritage.  All employees of First Presbyterian Church will meet with this committee annually for review.  This committee will also help the employees of First Presbyterian Church to grow by encouraging goal setting and achieving, and working with the pastor to create a healthy work environment.
Buildings and Grounds
Chair-Larry Patrick
   This committee is responsible for the maintenance of the church’s facilities, and will sponsor a church-wide work day at least once a year.  It will work with the Administration and Personnel committee to hire a sexton and landscape maintenance company when needed.  

Christian Education & Spiritual Nurture
Chair-Kelly Thompson
   This committee is to ensure all members become better disciples of Jesus Christ through education and spiritual nurture and is responsible for: Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, the Birthday Party for Jesus, Wednesday Night Bible Study, Youth Groups, any other small groups, and the church library.  Teacher recruitment, training, and background checks are a responsibility of this committee.
Membership and Evangelism
Chair-Shelly Cox
   This committee is responsible for the following areas: working with Deacon Board to ensure church members are properly cared for, keeping the church roles updated, developing programs for new member assimilation while working with the pastor for First Connections class, developing program for follow-up with prospective members, sponsoring an annual survey of all church members and, most importantly, coming up with ways to increase membership through active outreach and evangelism.
Chair-Terry Bundies & Tim McClelland
   This committee is responsible for the following areas: Local and foreign missions, service to the community, and all special/mission oriented offerings.  This committee shall work in conjunction with other churches and agencies to develop opportunities for members to participate in multiple forms of Christian mission and sponsor an annual Missions Week.
Stewardship and Finance
   This committee is responsible for the following areas: Developing a program to promote stewardship as a life style, preparing a budget for the whole church with regards to all committees, the deacon board, and the denomination, and promoting healthy use of the resources of the church.  The chair of this committee shall serve as the treasurer of the church.

Worship and Music
Chair-Shelly Cox
   This committee is responsible for the following areas:  The Music program (working with the Director of Music/Organist), worship services of the church, finding pulpit supply when needed, ensuring monthly communion services are prepared.  The committee is also responsible for all special services.

Clerk of Session
Kelly Courtney
   An ordained elder responsible for the minutes of each session meeting and congregational meeting, responsible for working with the pastor to come up with session agendas, responsible for learning the Book of Order to keep the session in compliance, responsible for ensuring that an elder delegate will be at each Presbytery Meeting.

Diaconate Committees

Ministry of the Need
Chair-Liz Rozar
   This is the primary function of the Deacon Board per the Book of Order.  This committee will ensure meals are provided to families grieving over the death of a loved one, families rejoicing in the birth of baby, or at any other time it is deemed appropriate to provide meals to members in need.  This committee will send birthday cards to members.  This committee will visit the sick and shut-ins and work with the pastor in all avenues to ensure all members are cared for at First Presbyterian Church.
Chair-Katie Wells
   This committee is responsible for the After Church Fellowship Hour, the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, the church-wide picnic, Fifth Sundays Together, and other special fellowship activities that are designated from time to time.  The goal of this committee is to promote the building of relationships with other believers through fellowship.
Chair-Bret Bundies
   This committee is responsible for ensuring that ushers are trained and available for each service, ensuring greeters are available for each service, ensuring that elevator operators are available for each service.  This committee will collect attendance rolls after the church service, will ensure visitors are greeted during the Ritual of Friendship, will help guests locate restrooms, the nursery, etc.  This committee will work the Worship and Music for any special services that occur to ensure all events at First Presbyterian Church are friendly and great.